Why Ground?

Why Ground?
Why Ground?

Did you know?

When we ground ourselves, we foster a deep connection with our bodies and the world around us, and life changes. How does life change? I’m glad you asked! When you ground yourself, you bring your spirit back into your body, enhancing your awareness of the present. Fear will fade and be replaced with a sense of belonging and confidence. Why does that happen? Because you know that you are not just connected to the universe but a part of it, and that realization is transformative!

Too often, people are in fight, flight or freeze mode, depending on their surroundings. They aren’t present in the moment.

Something to consider when grounding: You can not only ground yourself but also the room you’re in, the people you’re around, and your pet! Let’s say you can ground everything; when you do that, life changes.

Why not give it a try today?

– Tina Marie

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