X-Large Elite Noble Shungite


Elite Noble Shungite is the purest type I shungite as it contains 95% to 98% carbon with significantly more fullerenes.

This type of Shungite is a rare, amazing stone. Shungite boosts your energy, heals, relieves stress, detoxifies and purifies body and mind, protects from harmful EMFs, increases physical and mental balance.

  • It has the highest proportion of organic carbon in its composition (95-98 %), which amounts for only 1 percent of all Shungite found.
  • Elite Shungite is 100% naturally occurring in the environment. It purifies water the way Mother Nature intended, removing contaminants effectively.
  • WATER PURIFICATION: Adding elite shungite to water enriches it with oxygen, and fills it with calcium, magnesium and other essential mineral components. It naturally helps remove pesticides and pharmaceuticals, radiation, toxins and heavy metals. Elite shungite stones have more carbon in its composition and a higher filtration capacity, which makes them at least two times more effective than regular shungite.
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X-Large Elite Noble Shungite

Grade A

Size: 3 in

Weight: 3 oz (81 grams)

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