Tiffany Stone


Tiffany Stone
3” x 2.5” x 2.5”

Tiffany stone comes only from Utah in the USA. In the past it was almost unobtainable, as it was mined and produced during World War II to keep missile heads cool at high speeds. Once the mine closed the stone became harder to obtain.
Fortunately for collectors of these lovely stones, another mine has been opened in the last few years, that is now supplying Tiffany Stone to the world.
Once you have experienced the lovely sweet high vibration of Tiffany Stone you may understand why they call it Purple Passion as it is known to create positive changes, bring passionate feelings for your partner, and enhance your intimate experience.
Also can help bring emotional strength as you are go through life changes of any kind.
Let go of the old to let in the new.
A variety of names are used to refer to this stone, including Purple Bertrandite, Opal Fluorite, Purple Passion, Purple Opal, Beryllium Ore, Bertrandite and Tiffany Stone.


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