Sterling Silver Om Ring

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Nicely crafted sterling silver Om ring size 10
Has some thickness and weight to it 8grams

Wearing this powerful symbol is a great reminder to stay in practice.

Om is a spiritual sound that refers to all that is, and it is one of the most powerful syllables in the universe. It is one syllable that encompasses the past, the present and the future (birth, life, and death).

Om, according to the Hindu belief system, is the sound that created the world. It is a creation sound.
It is used for healing, centering, balancing, and as a space clearing tool.

It is a powerful and straightforward, easy-to-learn, sound healing method and with continuous use/practice, it becomes more and more powerful.

Om is easy. Simply allow the word to sound out long, allow it to rise from deep within you. Allow emphasis on the beginning and the end. Let it last as long as it wants to. It will immediately raise your vibration and the vibration of the space you’re in.

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