Smelted Zincite Cluster from Poland


Zincite Cluster from Poland
Measures 2.5″ x 1.75″ x 1″
Weighs 3.5oz

Zincite is all about energizing your entire system and stimulating all the chakras, especially the lower chakras.
Its energy is an impressive aid for manifestation along with greatly enhancing creativity and sexual vitality.
Zincite has an unusual and very potent energy, as soon as you hold the stone in your hand, most will very quickly make contact with it, and feel its energy.
Zincite can also synergize groups of people or things, bringing together like-minded people and promoting their efforts as a group.
Zincite is used in crystal healing lore to treat chronic fatigue, AIDS and other auto-immune problems, bronchitis, and candida, as well as prevention of epileptic seizure. 

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