Rare Natural Sugilite Raw Rough South Africa


Natural Sugilite specimens from South Africa.

Sugilite carries the immense energies of spiritual love and growth. Also holds a strong violet-ray energy.
This stone is considered to be a love stone for the modern age as it’s less about tales of romance and more about embracing the bigger picture and committing to spiritual love.
Sugilite is also known as Royal Azel or Luvulite.
Its color can be deep and dreamy or pale lilac like a spring sky.

The spiritual powers of Sugilite will inspire you to behave more bravely and fearlessly, to pursue your interests, and embrace how valuable you are.

Sugilite was first discovered in the Iwagi Islet of Japan by a geologist called Ke-Ichi Sugi (which is a hint as to how it got its name). While it may have been found in Japan, most Sugilite deposits come from South Africa but this rich and rare gem has also been found in Australia, India, and Canada too. Sugilite is an enigma of a stone and this may be because it is considered to be so rare. It is sometimes referred to as Purple Turquoise even though there is little correlation between these gems. Potent with positive energy, Sugilite brings immense spiritual love and is also known as the soulmate stone.

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