Love Manifesting Kit


The Love Manifesting Kit is for those on a quest to attract new love into their life. Either you have your eye on a special someone or you’re ready to connect with someone new. If this is you, the Love Kit can be a powerful tool to incorporate into your ritual work. Use the kit to help in clear the path for new love that is in the proper alignment for where you are now.

Kit includes:

  • Pink Mini Candle
  • Candle Holder
  • 3 Gemstones associated with Love
  • Loose dried Jasmine flowers
  • Love Bath Salt

Items may be substituted based on stock availability.

How to use the Kit:

To use the Love Kit, place the jasmine flowers around the candle, light the candle, and let the candle’s flame act as a beacon for attracting love into your life. Carry the gemstones with you to keep the intention or attraction flowing. Use the bath salt in either a bath or foot soak, letting the cleansing salt clear away any blockages keeping love at bay, and filling you with an abundant magnetism for love.

  • Rose Quartz: A stone of unconditional love. It opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love It also brings gentleness, forgiveness, and tolerance. Rose quartz is also said to be helpful with weight loss. It has excellent protection energies during pregnancy and childbirth. Is associated with the heart chakra.     
  • Pink Calcite: A stone of empathy. Fills the heart with universal love along with nurturing and healing the inner child.  Good for studying and retaining information. Works to release stress, fears and reduce nightmares.
  • Strawberry Quartz: Known as the stone of inner love, it can stimulate the heart center filling one with true love feelings for self, environment, and those around you. Encourages a healthy and loving bond with people in your life. May help attract those who can help heal past traumas and put you on a spiritual path. Also helps eliminate outdated negative beliefs about yourself. Strawberry quarts will also help when you’re learning about astral travel and past lives.

*Kits are not intended to be used as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment.

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Love Manifesting Kit

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