Libyan Desert Glass


Libyan Desert Glass is a natural glass. It was created when a meteorite crashed into the Libyan Sahara Desert approximately 29 million years ago. Reverie for this stone goes back at least 3,00 years – among items recovered from King Tut’s burial chamber is a gold and jewel encrusted breastplate. In the center of it sits a scarab beetle, carved from Libyan Desert Glass.
Libyan Desert Glass is a transformation stone much like Moldavite. However, the transformation brought about by his stone occurs in a gentler way than that of Moldavite. Some people may feel either intimidated, unprepared, or hesitant towards Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass offers an excellent alternative.
This stone has a mystical energy, as well as very strong and protective energies. It is said to strengthen your will, enhance spiritual healing and help with manifestations. This yellow golden stones works with the solar plexus chakra to help connect you to who you really are.
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Libyan Desert Glass


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