Labradorite Sterling Silver Pendant


A triangular Labradorite pendant, backed with sterling silver metal. This pendant contains an excellent flash, showing all the beautiful colors Labradorite has to offer.

Labradorite is a stone of transformation. This stone clears, balances, and protects the aura. It is said to help provide insight into your destiny, attracts success, used in dream recall, and reduces stress and anxiety. Labradorite also helps increase intuition and aids in psychic development. This is a very protective stone.  It Is associated with the solar plexus and third eye chakras.

Size: from bail to bottom of pendant – 1.25″ long, 0.75″ wide

Color: gray with flashes of greens, blues, and purples.

*Labradorite should not be used as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

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