Flower Agate Stone Heart


Flower Agate heart. A new find from Madagascar.

Prepare for a magical, fairy like effect.
These were one of the hot crystals at the Tucson Gem show and can be hard to come by.
Flower Agate is a form of soft pink to coral Agate/Chalcedony with a beautiful feminine energy.
It may help spark you to pursue your dreams, enjoy life and ignite your feminine powers.

Agate, in general, is a very soft, gentle, healing stone with delicate vibrations to rebalance your yin and yang. If you need to find your inner confidence, speak your mind or take on tough challenges then Agate is the quiet power source that will guide and soothe, helping you to overcome what’s holding you back.

Allow this metaphysical crystal to help you blossom and reach your full potential!

Priced each.
Measures approx 3″-4″
You will receive a flower agate heart very similar to the ones shown, but not the exact piece.
Yours will be intuitivley and specially hand selected just for you.
Free gift included with your purchase.

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