Faceted Moldavite with Czech Garnet Earrings


Faceted Moldavite post earrings with Czech Republic Garnet.

Moldavite is a natural glass that has a unique formation and was formed as a result of the heat from an asteroid impact 15 million years ago, after which the hot glass was sent flying across Europe where it is continually mined today. It is technically a Tektite which is a group of impact glasses formed by meteorite impacts. Moldavite is a very high vibrational stone said to help you connect to your Highest Self and open your Crown Chakra.

Czech Garnet is garnet that has been mined from that region and is a traditional Czech gemstone. It brings positive thoughts, abundance, inner strength, and is excellent for manifestation. Assists with career & building one’s self-confidence & creativity. Has protective energy during travel. Can help release bad karma, has also been used to assist in eliminating abandonment issues. Garnet is a stone of romantic love/passion used enhance sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy in a balanced way. It’s been called a “stone of health” focusing particularly where regeneration is needed. 

Size: from top of bail to bottom of pendant – 0.75″ long, 0.25″ wide

Color: green, red. Sterling silver backing.

*crystals should not be used as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

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