Dorje Metal Pendulum Om Enamel Top


Metal Dorje pendulum with pink and blue Om symbol top.

The Dorje represents the firmness of spirit and the achievement of high transcendental virtues, able to drive towards the Truth, destroying unawareness. The Dorje is often used in meditation rituals as a symbol of the union between the Relative Truth, represented by the experiences of everyday life, and the Absolute Truth, a state of being that we live in unity with nature and all that surrounds us.

The Om Symbol is said to represent the sound of the Universe, bringing with it a greater sense of Oneness. 

Pendulums are a simple tool which help to balance, heal, and clear one’s mind and body. Pendulums pick up subtle vibrations directing invisible energies causing movement, to answer questions. When using a pendulum, based on your intention, you are communicating with your higher self or your guides.

Size: 7″ long

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