Cord Cutting Kit


This Cord Cutting Kit for clearing and disconnecting energetic ‘cords’ from those we no longer find to be for our best and highest self.

Kit includes:

  • One black and one white taper candle
  • 2 metal candle holders
  • String
  • 4mm Black Obsidian stretch bracelet
  • Selenite Athame
  • Incense Matches
  • Cord cutting oil with charged clear quartz
  • Instructions

Items in the kits may be substituted based on stock availability.

How to use the Kit:

  1. Write (carve) your name on the white candle, and carve the name of the other person on the black  candle.
  2. Lightly dress each candle with the Cord Cutting Oil. (optional)
  3. Squeeze in the tops of each candle holder a little. This will help the candles stay firm in their holders. Place candles in the holders. 
  4. Tie the twine together to create a loop. 
  5. With enough distance to hold the twine around the candles, place the candles on a baking sheet or any burn safe plate.
  6. Hold the selenite athame in your left hand as you visualize/focus for as long as you need to sever the energy cords between you and the other person.
  7. Light two matches and use one each to light the candles at the same time.
  8. Watch the cord burn and imagine the energy bond breaking or disconnecting. 
  9. Use the selenite athame to cleanse around the knot of the string. 
  10. Burn the candles fully to support your heart as it heals.
  11. When the ritual is over, dispose of the two lengths of cord in separate places, unless you are able to burn them.

*Kits are not intended to be used as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment.

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