Copper Cuff Bracelet


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Copper cuff adjustable  bracelet.
Copper works to align the subtle bodies along with heightening intuition, sexuality, and vitality.
Copper emits a philosophic energy and brings good luck to those who carryit.
Opens the base and sacral chakras. 

Known to benefit treatment of arthritis, relieve pain of broken bones, low energy, blood flow, circulatory system.
A beautiful balancer of emotions, Copper is a must have when it comes to mental wellbeing and emotional healing. This sweet bright metal invites you to lay down all your mental burdens and to raise your levels of self-esteem through the power of high vibrations. For those who have been struggling with a sense of lethargy, feeling lost, or falling into passivity – Copper can help to awaken your senses once more and bring you to a place of perfectly curated mental clarity.
If you’re feeling restless or anxious, Copper can help calm you down. It will do the vibrational energy work to clear out negativity and conduct positive and powerful thought patterns so you can reach the success you are looking for.


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