Cleansing Bundle


The Cleansing Bundle contains a White Sage bundle, a pure natural Palo Santo Incense Stick, and a 3-4″ Selenite Wand.

Use this bundle to cleanse, purify, and create positive energy within your space and surroundings.

How to use:

Burn the sage to help cleanse your space, self, or an object. To do so, light the sage on fire and let the flame burn for a few seconds. If the flame doesn’t go out on its own after a few seconds, blow it out.

Waft the smoke around the space, person, or object being cleansed. The smoke from sage helps to get rid of any energy you’re wishing to cleanse away. Feel free to repeat this step as many times your feel is needed.

Use a fire safe dish, bowl, or shell under the sage to catch the ashes from the sage.

After cleansing with the sage, burn the Palo Santo to call in positive energy and high vibrations into your space. Light this the same way you lit the sage.

This can be burned in the middle of a room, or you can waft the smoke from the Palo Santo onto the person or object you’re raising the energy of.

End by keeping the selenite near your space, person, or object to help keep the energy continually cleansed.

Repeat this entire process whenever you feel the energy around you gets stuck, stagnant, or negative.

*this bundle is not intended to be used as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment.

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Cleansing Bundle

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