Maxx Robert

Tarot Card & Rune Readings ~ Natural Empath
Inspiring Wiccan/Pagan Culture Magic

Maxx is a florida native and son of a High Priestess in the Pagan community.
At age 12, he began extensively studying Tarot cards, gemstones, and crystals.
Growing up and discovering at a very young age that Maxx was a natural empath and magician, he was encouraged to harness his natural abilities and challange himself. He has a gift of seeing connections to all things mundane and spiritual, and how they interlock.
His knowledge and experience is best described as a “Jack of all Trades”.
Maxx’s divination specialties include:
– Tarot, Runes, Bones, & the Pendulum
– Astrology
– Herbal Magic
– Dreamwork
– Candle Magick
– Public and Solitary Rituals
Maxx’s personal favorites include Occult teachings, world religions with cultural deities, lost cities and civilizations, the supernatural, and traditional witchcraft.
He is grateful for his strengthened abilities and serving you in the most positive way; providing clarity and confidence as helps you move through whatever topics of concern during this time.

…Maxx looks forward to serving you…

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