Akashic Records Readings, Evidential Mediumship

Through her evidential mediumship readings, Marlene expertly connects with the essence of your loved one’s spirit. Her empathic and clairsentient communication provides reassurance of their presence while her insightful messages offer comfort, encouragement and impeccable clarity. Her powerful intuition provides the opportunity for you to enjoy an ongoing relationship and heartfelt connection with loved ones who have made their transition.

Marlene is known for her deeply personal readings with the Akashic Records of connectecting with Masters, teachers, and loved ones and obtaining information from your soul that can be life changing.

Marlene is in service to others as a healer and so much more. Her goal is to uplift the spirit and heal the heavy heart. Her life work as a counselor has served to compliment her intuitive work.

Marlene has a Masters degree in Social Work and has worked for 25 years as a clinical therapist. She is able to seamlessly blend her clinical expertise with her metaphysical perception in helping others. As a gifted Intuitive Counselor, Marlene has been blessed with the unique ability to combine her work as a therapist with her flair for evidential mediumship.

Her services include evidential mediumship, Akashic Record readings, Inspirational speaking, Spiritual consultant, Healthy Connections groups, Gallery readings and psychic development classes.