Lora Humphrey

Tarot Cards, Sensitive, Certified Hypnotist

Lora has been practicing tarot readings for over 12 years and uses her skills to help give advice or new perspectives to issues going on in people’s lives. Tarot is a wonderful tool to help give clarity to difficult choices that a person may be faced with and simply help an individual become more self aware of the power within themselves.

As a Sensitive Lora is capable of connecting with spiritual entities that are present in an environment and find a harmonic resolution to their needs or wants. This ability allows Lora the insight needed to help facilitate house cleansings when paranormal activity persists.

As a Certified Hypnotist, her understanding of the subconscious mind allows her to assist with removing subconscious blocks that may be holding a person back from reaching their full potential.

No matter what she does in the service of others, her intent is to help expand people’s awareness, to help people uncover more possibilities for themselves and help the collective consciousness of humanity continue to evolve in extraordinary ways.”

“Lora is a certified Hypnotist, specializing in past life regressions, and offers the opportunity to explore what has happened to you in the distant, or not so distant, past that has influenced who you are today. You can remember everything – even beyond the normal limits of time and space. Hypnosis can be the modality to help you dive into the deeper waters of your subconscious mind and reveal what you have simply forgotten.

With the knowledge you gain from the experience, great emotional healing can occur and help you move forward with astounding growth, understand patterns that have been repeating in your life, and bring renewed inspiration for how you choose to move forward.”

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