Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Intuitive Foot Rubbings

With the wisdom of her Native American great grandmother, Denise has walked spiritual path her entire life. With gifts of insight and enlightenment coupled with powerful intuition. She has practiced the art of the Tarot for over 30 years using the cards as a guide to help identify her visions. As an artist since a toddler, she is a total visionary with the ability to see into your future, using the Tarot Cards to paint the picture of your past, present, and future.​ Join her for a positive walk through your present and future and perhaps receive a message from a loved one! Denise also offers Intuitive Foot Rubbings. Native Americans believe the feet are the mirror to the soul. Similar to reflexology; relax and allow expert hands of wisdom predict your future and soothe your mind, body, spirit!
**Foot Rubbing Readings are scheduled in advance & exclude Psychic Fairs.
Book 24 hours advance notice.

Betsy channels divine guidance from your spirit guides, ascended masters and angels. As she puts questions up to them, loving answers flow into her third eye awareness and she relays their wise and understanding messages back to you. During the reading, Betsy reaches into the frequency of the highest realm for deeply personal guidance and intentionally lifts your soul’s vibration as well. You will be soothed and comforted by the information they given and feel a sense of peace directly from Source. As a regular reader here, Betsy has many repeat customers and a growing clientele. You are encouraged to record your session to enjoy her channeled messages again and again.

Chrystal offers Intuitive Counseling encompassing decades of experience as an empath, psychic medium, clairvoyant, medical intuitive, spiritual teacher/coach, through her energetic alignment with Spirit.

Her compassion, intuition and wisdom are at the core of her practice. Chrystal’s calm and soothing style will bring you clarity, focus and peace of mind. Whether she is communicating messages from loved ones who have crossed over, interpreting spiritual meanings through angel/tarot card readings or providing insight into current life circumstances, Chrystal offers a host of psychic abilities for guiding you to the answers you seek.

Since the age of nine, Chrystal has been honing her talents through many avenues of Spirit-based learning. Most notably, her highest sensitive psychic channel is clairsentience, which literally means ‘clear sensing’. It is a heightened sensitivity to energy and emotion as well as ‘intuitive knowing’. This skill offers you a unique opportunity for Chrystal to tap into your feelings for a much more profound experience. Born into a lineage of psychic mediums and gifted healers, she is the expert you have been searching for, and she is ready to share her gifts with you. Chrystal’s innate intuitive ability extends to people, pets, places and the Spirit realm. Her knack for ‘speaking’ with animals has earned her a reputation as a skilled translator between pet and owner. Her in-depth perception of an animal’s energy field can provide you with tremendous understanding.

Additionally, you can also find relief in her knowledge as a medical intuitive, for both people and pets. With this essential information, you can then take control of your well-being for today and in the future.Know that your comfort and confidentiality are Chrystal’s top priorities. She is available to answer any questions for you –absolutely nothing is off limits for discussion.

Hi, I am Stacey.
I’m very grateful to have been born with a strong intuitive gift. This has been in my family for 140 years, and

I was born where it all began, London – UK.

I’m accurate when it comes to timing; I express what the tarot cards and my spirit guides tell me – no sugar coating. In the many years of sharing my gift, I have found that this is how people liked to be read, and for this reason clients return to me time and time again I’m so very proud to say.

In the years I’ve been sharing my gift, I have visited many other countries and have been lucky enough to share my gift with thousands of other people.

I consider myself very professional and focused and strive to give my clients 100% so they are very happy and satisfied, which gives me great pleasure.

These are my gifts: 

  • Full tarot card readings.

  • Reading your aura which tells you which colors are surrounding you and how you are feeling.

  • Messages are brought in from a loved one in spirit.

  • If you have a vintage jewelry piece and would love to know about its past, please bring it with you.

One or all of these gifts will come through during our time together, depending on what is most needed at the time.

Through her evidential mediumship readings, Marlene expertly connects with the essence of your loved one’s spirit. Her empathic and clairsentient communication provides reassurance of their presence while her insightful messages offer comfort, encouragement and impeccable clarity. Her powerful intuition provides the opportunity for you to enjoy an ongoing relationship and heartfelt connection with loved ones who have made their transition.

Marlene is known for her deeply personal readings with the Akashic Records of connectecting with Masters, teachers, and loved ones and obtaining information from your soul that can be life changing.

Marlene is in service to others as a healer and so much more. Her goal is to uplift the spirit and heal the heavy heart. Her life work as a counselor has served to compliment her intuitive work.

Marlene has a Masters degree in Social Work and has worked for 25 years as a clinical therapist. She is able to seamlessly blend her clinical expertise with her metaphysical perception in helping others. As a gifted Intuitive Counselor, Marlene has been blessed with the unique ability to combine her work as a therapist with her flair for evidential mediumship.

Her services include evidential mediumship, Akashic Record readings, Inspirational speaking, Spiritual consultant, Healthy Connections groups, Gallery readings and psychic development classes.

Reiki & Sound Healng / Channeled Messages

Do you feel that you are in this world but not of it and seek clarity and purpose?

Samantha Gray is a Celestial Clairvoyant Channel. She receives transmissions from Galactic Guides to assist Star Seeds in uncovering one’s Divine Soul Mission on Planet Earth, activating dormant gifts and abilities to assist one’s soul’s evolution, and connecting One to their Spirit Guides. In addition, Samantha works with energy and sound healing modalities: Crystal Bowls, Crystal Pyramids, and Light Language Transmissions to heal and align the body, mind, and spirit.

“It is a true honor to serve humanity as a Galactic Channel of Love, Joy, and Truth.”

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