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Reiki Energy / Chakra & Aura Readings / Soul Portrait Artist

Reiki Sessions:

  • $130- 45min
  • $170- 1 hour

Reiki, or Universal Energy” is a wholistic healing modality used for relaxation and stress relief, promoting balance and healing in the body, mind and spirit.

Donna Maria is a Dr. of Metaphysics and Healing and Reiki Master/Teacher.

During a healing session Donna Maria channels and holds the universal energies while your Higher Self (soul) directs it to where it is most needed for your highest good.
Donna Maria combines various healing modalities which may include the use of tuning forks and pomanders to break up and clear away negative thought patterns, emotions, or beliefs that no longer serve you.

After the energy healing, Donna Maria will sit with you and briefly discuss what came through during the session. She will also give tips on how to hold and maintain the energy as you go about your daily life.

Entura Art and Readings

Donna Maria is an amazing Soul Portrait Artist.

She connects with your energy field (aura) to channel your energies, and those of your spiritual guides and teachers, to create your soul portrait. The art can be used for future meditations and automatic writing.

She also does Guardian Angel drawings, which makes a wonderful new baby gift.
The channeling process is done REMOTELY. All that’s required is the full name of the person whose portrait is being drawn.

Drawings are done on archival, acid-free,100% cotton paper using soft pastels. (not framed)

  • $200 – 9×12
  • $300 – 12×18
  • $600 – 18×24
    A thirty-minute interpretive reading is included.
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