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Astrology Readings with Brittany

Join Brittany in a session where you can walk the labyrinth of your own personal cosmology together. 

Astrology is the practice of interpreting the placements of planets at the time of someone’s birth. Learning about your own birth chart placements can be an experience of validation, gaining insight to your personality and experiences.  

Brittany’s goal with astrology is to bring it forth in a way that allows people to consciously engage with it everyday, living in attunement with both the Cosmos and the Earth. 

In her readings, she aims to help people learn how to work with instead of against energy flows, find their strengths and roadblocks, and provide ways to embody and/or ritualize portions of their own Cosmic Makeup. 

Brittany is an astrologer who’s in devotion to the Cosmos. Her own spiritual practice consists of observing the cycles of both the Cosmic and Earthly worlds, being in tune with and embodying the seasons of each. She guides her clients in finding ways to bring the Cosmic down to Earth. 

Her astrology practice began in 2018, prompted by her first Saturn Return. She practices Hellenistic Astrology with an small influence of Modern Astrology. She has studied in classes with astrologers Chris Brennan, Demetra George, and Debra Silverman. 

She offers:

  • Natal Chart Readings
  • Solar Return Readings
  • Transits & Progressions
  • Astrocartogaphy

1 hr session – $144

1.5 hour session – $216

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