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  • Flower Agate Tower Point Stand Up Generator $18.00

    Flower Agate Tower
    Flower Agate is a new find from 2017. This beautiful gemstone is mostly light shades of pink with white Chalcedony plumes. These 3-dimensional plumes cross section to create flower-like patterns, which is where the crystal gets its name. 
    Use this grounding stone for self-growth and restoring emotional balance.
    It is also known for being deeply connected to the Heart chakra, promoting spontaneity and joy.

    If you suffer from insomnia or have trouble sleeping, try using this can use the beautiful energy of Flower Agate as its soothing colors will stabilize your mood so you can sleep better.
    Flower Agate is also helpful for reducing  headaches and migraines and also lowering blood pressure.

    Towers amplify and direct energy. Place in any room, on an altar, the center of an intention grid, as they powerfully increase and amplify energy.

    When using a grid, touch the point of the tower to each crystal or object in your grid. This will magnify the energy spreading throughout your grid.

    Towers can also be used just as you would a wand, as they generate power at the tip. Write down an intention, touch the tip of the tower to the written words as you say them out loud, raise the tip up towards the sky and back down to the written words.

    Keep your tower in any special place to keep its energy flowing.

  • Auralite 23 8″ Wand Point $225.00

    Auralite 23 from Thunder Bay Canada

    A powerful crystal for Code Clearing, DNA Healing and Cellular Activation. It is the Stone of Awakening on every level, acts as a strong emotional healer, “Soul Healer”.
    Because of the 17-23 different types of elements and minerals found in the crystal, it is like a bridge to the divine, an open channel to your guides and the Angelic Realms.
    Auralite-23 crystal tones down anger and cools hot tempers, it teaches the being to think before speaking or acting for the self, and towards others.
    Excellent tool for spiritual healing, increases  psychic sensitivity, helps access past lives and associated karma for releasing old patterns and healing.

    Auralite23® is a very rare combination of up to 23 minerals and one of Earth’s oldest crystals; scientifically studied and estimated to have formed around 1.2 – 1.5 billion years ago. This stone is also known as the “Ultimate Master Healer” due to its abundance of metaphysical properties.

    The average crystal contains at least 17 of the following: Titanite, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrocite, Ajoite, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Goethite, Pyrolusite, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Limonite, Spharelite, Covellite, Chalcopyrite, Gilalite, Epidote, Bronzite, and Rutile.

    High frequency and powerful healing properties.

    X-ray diffraction has been used to identify 23 minerals.

    DNA Level Healing.

    Attracts opportunities & brings harmony to your life.

    Release Old Behavioral Patterns.

    Balances all 7 Chakras.

    Your Auralite 23 wand will be personally selected for you and will be very similar, but not identical. Posted pictures of these Auralite 23 wands are to provide an idea of the typical mix of sizes and shapes available. Money Back is always guaranteed if not completely satisfied with your Auralite 23.


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  • Yellow Fluorite Tower $111.00

    Beautiful Yellow Fluorite Tower.

    Fluorite can act as a ‘psychic vacuum cleaner’ clearing the atmosphere of confusion, cluttered thoughts, mental blocks, negativity.

    – clears the aura
    – strengthens the third eye
    – promotes spiritual and psychic awareness
    – helps with decision making
    – helps with meditation and quieting the mind
    – promotes general health throughout the body’s main skeletal and muscular systems

    Size: 5.5″ tall. Weighs 300 grams.

    Color: yellow, amber, orange, clear.

    *crystals should not be used as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.


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  • Mongolian Quartz Crystal – Rare $250.00

    Rare Mongolian Quartz crystal is an emotional healer that clears mental blockage and promotes stability and clarity within the mind. Mongolian Quartz are known as masters of purification for the “Group Consciousness”. They are able to help humanity come from a place of the heart, physically and emotionally making them exceptional heart healers and breaking through old blockages. Many Mongolian Quartz crystals have inclusions of Green Hedenbergite which is known as the stone of transition and patience.

    Size: approximately 5″ x 1.75″. Weighs 315 grams.

    Color: gray, pewter, silver.

    *crystals should not be used as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

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  • Brandberg Amethyst Point from Namibia $28.00

    Each point measures approx 1/2″ – 3/4″
    Your stone/s are personally and intuitively hand selected just for you.

    Brandberg Amethyst is mined in the Goboboseb Mountains, in the Brandberg area of western Namibia.
    The crystals are mined by hand, in small claims near the surface of the earth.

    Brandberg crystals are a unique and extraordinary blend of Amethyst, Clear and Smoky Quartz.
    They are considered a very high-vibrational crystal carrying within them remarkable phantoms, enhydros, and other rare formations and inclusions. Each one is as unique as the next.

    Priced per stone.

  • Morion Quartz Point from Namibia (very rare) $15.00$35.00

    Morion Quartz from Namibia aka Black Quartz
    Their color is completely natural, and each have a unique laser shape and sound to them.
    Their energy provides you great support as you dig deep in your shadow work, and support you as you face the dark aspects of self while transmuting self-imposed blockages.
    They are very calming when you feel overwhelmed and will comfort in times of grief.
    They can also help relieve nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath due to anxiety attacks.

    They are sister to the smoky quartz, making they offer profound grounding and protective energy. Work with Morion Quartz and they will assist you on your soul’s path.

    They are rare and unique crystals that bring a lot of healing to those working with them.
    They are considered profound emotional healers that have the ability to clear mental blockages, promotes stability and clarity within the mind.
    Morion Quartz are known as masters of purification for the “Group Consciousness”.
    They are appearing now to help humanity come from a place of the heart, physically and emotionally making them exceptional heart healers and breaking through old blockages.
    Known to assist with transition and patience.

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