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  • Happy Jizo Volcanic Stone Statue $36.00

    Blessed volcanic stone happy Jizo statue.
    Measures H-6.25” W-4.25” L-4.25”

    Japanese Jizo statues: ancient protectors of the trail
    Jizo (地蔵/womb of the earth), as they are called, are made in the image of Jizo Bosatsu, guardian deity of children and travelers. They’re also known as the ‘earth bearer’, so Jizo statues are made out of stone, which is said to have a spiritual power for protection and longevity that predates Buddhist beliefs.

    Jizo is a Japanese name and Bosatsu (Bodhisattva) a person who has attained prajna, or enlightenment, but postpones Buddhahood (Nirvana) to help others to attain enlightenment and transcend the “wheel of life”.

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  • Cerridwen Statue $74.00

    Cerridwen Statue

    Cerridwen is a powerful Underworld Goddess, and the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge, inspiration and rebirth. She is a shape shifting Goddess, able to take on various forms. She is known as being a white witch or goddess, and is also associated with herbology and astrology.

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