Permission Rose Technique

permission rose technique
Permission Rose Technique

Do you ever wonder if there is something you can do to help yourself? The answer is YES! When working with our energy, realizing we can move and protect our energy is essential. We can set intentions to help us navigate this world. For the past 12 years, I have been finding techniques that help me protect my energy and cope with overwhelming situations. This technique is my favorite!

Permission Rose Technique – The Permission Rose gives you permission to be in your space and others to be in theirs. 

This exercise is for when you need to maintain your personal space or thwart negative energy. Imagine you have a rose in your hand; place it at the edge of your aura. Your intention is essential. As you place the rose, say what you want to happen and leave it there.

What can you use this technique for? Everything!

Example: Walmart is packed! You get overwhelmed. This is the perfect time to use The Permission Rose! I always say, “I want to get in, get done, and get out. Easy-peasy! Keep people away from me.” I do this because I don’t want anyone to take my positive energy and give me their negative energy. People do that for healing. I’m okay with it on some days, but on other days, I’m not. It’s all part of being an Empath. They don’t know they are doing it.

Another Example: If there is someone specific you don’t want to get close to you, then say, “I set this Permission Rose so that (Fill in the blank) can’t get close to me. You can put your Rose as far out as you want and have as many as you need. If you need to put them all around you, do that.

Managers use this when they need to get their work done. They say something like: I’m putting this rose here, so no one bothers me unless it’s work-related. Say you have someone who calls you every day, and you need a break. Put your rose up so they don’t call you that day.

The possibilities are endless, so play with it!

Show Grace Through Love by Being Kind,


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