Leo Season 2024

leo season 2024
Leo Season 2024

On July 22nd, the Sun makes its ingress into Leo. The Sun is at home in this zodiac sign and we get to really lean into our inner star power during this solar season! This is a time that reminds us to nurture our connection with the creative impulse, keep your inner flame passionately burning, and to invest our time into what nurtures us and helps us feel alive and inspired. We may feel encouraged to further explore the depths of our creativity without the need for external validation or with an end goal in mind. Just creating for the sake of creating. Tapping into your inner-child playfulness during Leo season helps us remember that joy is an integral part of living. 

Leo energy asks you to bravely embrace your most authentic self and let the world see you for who you are. Let your radiance and vitality shine for all to see! We’re reminded that playing small doesn’t do us any favors. Take action. Be Bold. Radiate like the star you are!

Let yourself be Seen and set yourself Free.

Journaling prompts/Tarot spread questions for this vibrant Leo Season 2024:

🌙 What makes me unique? What’s my “something special” that I bring to the table?

🌙 How can I let more freedom in my life to show up as my truest self?

🌙 What’s holding me back?

🌙 How can I better access my creativity?

🌙 What does my inner child need?

To embrace this courageous, fearless, heartfelt Leo energy:

⭐️ Tiger’s Eye: shows correct use of power, brings out integrity and confidence

⭐️ Emerald: inspiration, loyalty, integrity, heart-felt intentions

⭐️ Bumblebee Jasper: strength, courage, transformation, manifestation, creativity

⭐️ Cat’s Eye: new beginnings, increases sense of self-worth

⭐️ Fire Agate: vitality, dispels fears, instills deep security


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