Tina Marie

Meet Tina Marie!
Psychic Medium

Tina descends from a long line of Spiritually Gifted individuals, inheriting gifts through her family line. She is a gifted empath who shows compassion and kindness with all her clients. 


Tina uses her intuition and psychic abilities in her sessions, channeling information from your guides to provide insight and guidance. She offers a safe, supportive, & non-judgmental environment where you can explore your thoughts and work towards a happier and healthier life with help from Spirit. 


Immerse yourself in the spiritual realm with Tina and delve into the mystical world as she connects you with your departed loved ones and spirit guides. She will unveil messages from beyond, providing solace, closure, answers, and profound insight into the unseen. 


In addition to Psychic Readings, she is an author of the book “Your Life As An Empath – A Guide to Surviving and Thriving In This World”.

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