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Tarot Card Readings

Matt is internationally known as a psychic reader (Tarot), with 29 years of professional experience. His abilities were of assistance to law enforcement in the early 2000s (homicide cases). He’s been interviewed on radio. He’s read plenty of “big names” (all readings are confidential). Matt is also a clairvoyant, parapsychologist, and medical intuitive. He can easily identify past lives via retrocognition. He has much experience facilitating the healing of trauma, helping clients to realize its potential connection to their own psychic and extrasensory abilities. He helps people solve the “riddles” of the paranormal in their lives. His readings bring insight into processes of spiritual awakening that may be confounding and intense; most notably Kundalini experiences.

His Tarot readings delve into the fundamentals: finance, romance, money, career, life purpose, etc… His predictions are detailed and they include specific timings. Matt loves his work and he takes it very seriously. His predictions are uncannily accurate. They help people take next steps in their lives toward greater success and abundance. Regarding relationships, there’s no limit as to how deep his readings can go. They shed light upon struggles. They identify who and where the ideal romantic partner is, and when he or she is to show up (if it hasn’t happened already). Matt is most grateful to be of service. He finds each and every person he reads to be uniquely fascinating. His readings undoubtedly help others to have profound breakthroughs in their lives.

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