Jay Higgins

Meet Jay!
Spiritual Medium, Tarot, Psychic Channel

Jay Higgins has been Spiritual Medium and Channel for the last 30 years. Jay has read for people all around the world and has held Mediumship Galleries throughout Florida. Jay holds dual certifications in Psychic Development, Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, and Tarot.

Jay is an intuitive and channels your spirit guides and loved ones. He uses a variety of “tools” in his readings, such as the Ephemeris, Astrological chart, and Tarot cards (Rider Waite and Voyager). His readings bring you connectedness to your loved ones and encouragement on your life journeys. He uses the spirt guides and loved ones to help you with things that are challenging you. Jay touches you on the soul level.

Jay Higgins teaches all types of classes including Tarot, Psychic Development, and Mediumship. He is passionate to help individuals wanting to develop their own special gifts.

Look for upcoming classes and events on the Celestial-Circle website!

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