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Meet Hannah!
Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Pet Psychic

Hannah brings clarity and understanding to her readings and it is her passion to help you find the answers and peace you deserve. 

She works with Ascended Masters and your Spirit Guides and as a natural empath, Hannah takes a very compassionate approach to bring a positive perspective when translating messages from your loved ones crossed over. 

Hannah also works with and uses tarot cards, crystals, earth elements, and psychometry for further guidance and interpretation of messages coming through. Hannah is a pet psychic intuitive and can bring messages and healing from your pets in the present or crossed over. 

As an energy worker and spiritual healer, she also practices Reiki and white light healing to help clear and align one’s chakras (energy body) by locating and releasing negative or stuck energies that may be hindering you in certain areas of your life. 

It is Hannah’s ultimate desire to bring forth peace and healing through helping you connect with your higher self and provide guidance where you feel you need most at this time. 

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