Channel, Mentor, Akashic Record + Tarot Reader

Ever since she was a child, Briöna knew there was great magick beyond
just her physical surroundings. She spent a majority of her life becoming aware of this
magick by observing and learning from nature and the animals in her own backyard.

Briöna’s gifts matured quickly over her life after going through many uncertain and traumatic experiences in her childhood. Spirit knew she needed to overcome these challenges at such a young age to develop a natural gift for holding space and now helping others tend to their own past emotional wounding and rebuild empowerment through her readings and mentorship.

Little did she know at such a young age the wisdom she was quickly becoming aware of would activate the soul remembrance of her intuitive senses, clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing). These abilities have now helped Briöna guide herself and now her clients back home to their soul’s truth.

Briöna would like to welcome you into her sanctuary of protection, peace, and healing
through her readings where you can receive support, clear alignment, and trust in your
life’s path with the modalities that have become her favorite sacred tools like tarot,
animal medicine, and the Akashic Records.

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