How to Use a Pendulum

How to use a pendulum
How To Use a Pendulum

Pendulums are a spiritual tool which help to balance, heal, and clear one’s mind and body. They can provide insight and clarity to any questions you may have. The pendulum itself is simply a small object attached to the end of a cord. This can be anything such as a crystal, metal, wood, jewelry, etc.

This tool picks up subtle vibrations directing invisible energies causing movement to answer questions. When using one, you are communicating with your higher self and your Guides.

Use your pendulum to assist in working out answers to any questions you may have.

Step 1. Cleanse. Just like any other spiritual tool, pendulums need a regular cleansing. This can be done by smoke cleansing with Sage or other cleansing herbs or incense, placing it in the light of the Full Moon, setting it in a bowl of salt, keeping it next to selenite, or run it under water (if the material of the pendulum is safe for water). 

Step 2. Program your pendulum. Pendulums can only answer Yes or No to a question, and it’s important to learn what movement your pendulum uses to communicate Yes or No. Ask your pendulum, “What does yes look like?” and “What does no look like?” After each question, take note of the direction the pendulum moves – circular, or back and forth either horizontally or vertically. Whichever way it moves after each question is how it will move when using it in the future.

To test the pendulum, ask it Yes or No questions you know the answer to such as “Is my name Susie?” Or “Am I 35 years old?” This helps to ensure that you and your pendulum are reading each other correctly. 

Step 3. Prepare your questions. If you need clarity or better understanding of an issue, it’s best to have multiple questions regarding the subject because a pendulum can only give Yes or No as an answer. Having multiple questions will give you better insight and more guidance. 

Step 4.  Connect with your pendulum. Hold it to your heart and begin by stating your intention to open yourself to your intuition and Guides. Include that you only wish to connect to the guides who want to help you for your greatest good. 

Step 5. Ask your questions. Holding the the end of the cord of your pendulum between you thumb and forefinger, ask your questions out loud and “Just Be” as your pendulum connects you to your higher self and Guides. Try to let the pendulum communicate freely with you by remaining at ease and open to receiving guidance. 

Step 6. Wait for your pendulums response. This could look like, for example, moving in a circle for “yes” or moving in a line back and forth for “no”, depending on how your personal pendulum responds. 

Step 7. Close your practice. After you’ve asked all your questions and received answers, end your session with your pendulum by giving thanks and gratitude to your Guides and store your pendulum in a safe, secure place. 


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