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Our metaphysical store in Palm Harbor, FL carries a variety of metaphysical and spiritual items: from high-quality, all natural, hand-selected healing crystal gemstones of all varieties, crystal jewelry, tarot cards, oracle decks, and singing bowls to herbs, oils, incense, sage and much more! We curate all of our items with the purpose of bringing spiritual awareness and positive shifts for all.

We also offer Psychic Readings daily by some of the best psychic readers in the area, as well as classes, events, and workshops. Call to schedule an appointment or stop by the store.

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Meet Our Intuitive Readers & Energy Workers

Tarot and psychic readings, meditation, and life coaching, all from the comfort of home.
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Tarot Reader / Psychic Medium



Clairvoyant / Psychic Medium

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Tarot Card Readings



Spiritual Medium, Psychometry, Tarot Cards

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Clairvoyant - Psychic Medium -
Tarot Reader - Pet Psychic

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Psychic Medium

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Intuitive Psychic Medium

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The lady’s working at the store are very friendly and open when I need help buying. Chrystal is the best medium I have ever met. When I meet with her the first time I was lost and desperate Without hope. Now I see live in a better spiritual perspective. She is very professional and always right to the point. I appreciate her time helping always . Thank you.

Denise has been reading my tarot cards for a year. She is amazingly accurate. She also has the compassion to understand how to deliver the message of the cards. Her instincts go beyond the tarot cards she reads.!! I take every opportunity to share this information with anyone who will listen!!!

Best read ever! Matt is very clear and detailed in my reading Speaking of the reading, it was done by Betsy Palmer, who was wonderful. She reads your spirit guides. I'm not sure as to her schedule, but I'm sure you could call the shop. I had a great experience with her. Had a reading with Chrystal and she has a true gift. I have been to many psychics and she by far is the real deal! She helped clear my anxiety completely and understand what is actually going on. I’ll be coming back for more. I never write reviews so this is genuine, I’m in shock !

Both readers, Matt and Donna were very insightful. Their readings gave me great assurance.

I stopped in for a tarot reading and Denise was wonderful. She was kind and knowledgeable. The entire reading was spot on and she made everything extremely comfortable. The store itself had a great selection of crystals too. I will definitely be back! My favorite medium is Chrystal, When I meet her for the first time, I was seeking healing in various areas of my live and after having my reading with her I felt that was a humbling, incredible and life changing experience. The fact that I was able to get messages from my live animals and passed ones blew me away. She is very professional and always trying to give the best of advice I can possibly get to keep me going with my live in the best way possible.

Denise is incredible and provides so much information that no one else would’ve known.

Psychic Readings Daily

Mon-wed-fri: 11am-6pm • TUES-THUR: 12PM-5PM • SAT-SUN: 11AM-5PM

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